The research activity of the SupraNano project focuses mainly on the influence of order either of atoms or nanocrystals at different scales. The group is investigating order-related intrinsic physical and chemical properties of atoms within a nanocrystal (or nanocrystalinity) and of nanocrystals within a supracrystal (or supracrystalinity).  To reach such goals a major activity of the group is to develop new syntheses to control nanocrystal size, nanocrystallinity and their assemblies in 2D and 3D superlattices.

The group wants to participate in answering three major questions:

  1.  Does nanocrystallinity play a role in the chemical, physical properties of nanocrystals?
  2.  Are the intrinsic properties of supracrystals related to the nanocrystallinity?
  3.  Can we detect supracrystal collective properties related or not to nanocrystallinity?

1 – Syntheses of nanocrystrals differing by their sizes, size distributions, coating agents and nanocrystalinity.  

2 – Chemical properties related to nanocrystallinity of metal nanocrystals.

3 – Properties of nanocrystals dispersed in solution.

4 – Physical properties related to the nanocrystallinity of metal nanocrystals.

5 – Supracrystal growth processes of one building block

6 – Collective physical properties of one building block supracrystals related to supracrystal growth processes, nanocrystallinity and coating agents.

7 – Supracrystal growth processes of two building blocks (binary systems)

8 – Analogy between nanocrystal in supracrystal and atom in nanocrystals and/or bulk crystals